Unpredictable? Maybe. 🙂

What is your favorite type of weather?

Thanks for asking! I can’t believe anyone actually cares. But now that you have, I can say that unlike many Utah snowbirds, I don’t get all giddy when the snow flakes fall gently from the sky, dusting the ground like confection sugar across a pound cake. I’m also not a beach bunny who stretches my body out in the sun awaiting the perfect leathery coat. Trust me when I tell you these buns have already risen and collapsed. The sun is anything but my friend.

What would they do without adults?

Spring can be wonderful if you’re one of the lucky chosen without allergies of everything existing outside. That isn’t me either, although do appreciate the beautiful butterflies and blossoms of all colors filling the palette of the day. It’s almost as if I can hear Giselle singing from the film Enchanted, “La-la-la-la la-la-la-la…(coughing)” Sorry. Listen to her, instead.

Such a breathtaking scene—cleaning house.

Nope, my favorite type of weather comes during the fall. Crispy orange leaves coating Mother Nature’s floor beneath plentiful nuts littering the ground and squirrels running crazily around trying to squeeze one more acorn in their cheeks. The wind smells musky. People gather ‘round the firepits with marshmallows on sticks, bottles of beer or glasses of wine, and they share funny moments from earlier in the year. Sometimes a brisk breeze will kick up just long enough for a shivering reaction—the sign for someone else’s adjustment of my jacket. So sweet, and so appreciated. Predictable? Who knows?

Campfire songs are the best!

#Enchanted, #Spongebob, #MITJ, #MotherInTheJungle

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